Currently in: Sin Sisters Dungeon, Poland

Next in: Dubai, UAE


I’m mainly interested in long (few hours & above) sessions based in an elaborate role play fantasy. These are possible at my Dungeon in North Poland.

Based on my particular dynamic within SM, I resonate with: genuine slaves & submissives, masochists, rope-bottoms, service slaves, couples, bi-slaves, latex & foot slaves, rubber dolls & crossdressers. I welcome people of all genders, ages & nationalities. I will always prioritise inquiries from persons looking for a long-term BDSM arrangement with a total power exchange.

I also travel frequently to locations such as London, Warsaw, Berlin, Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and many others. If you’d like to apply for a session with Me – first & foremost state the location in mind. Don’t make Me guess or ask – this will insure swift communication. Click here to see my travel & events schedule.

When travelling, I session from local befriended Dungeons/Play Spaces or any other space dedicated to it, rented by Me or occasionally – a hotel room booked by Me. I will always refuse a session at your private property, your hotel room or any other non-dedicated space. I will happily accept requests for sessions at established Dungeons/Play Spaces if suggested by you, even if I am not familiar with the space yet. I love exploring new BDSM venues.

Miss Melisande Sin


  • When contacting Me, communicate in a respectful & civilised manner. I will not tolerate rudeness or demands
  • I only reply to well written, detailed requests. Do not be surprised about not getting a reply if you’ve written ‘Hello, how are you?’ or ‘I want to be your slave Mistress!’
  • Deposit is required on all sessions. This is a standard practice and will not be negotiated. For purposes of discretion there are multiple anonymous payment methods. I do not accept PayPal. 
  • I require a minimum of 24h notice to arrange a session, requests starting with “I would like to have a session today” will be turned down straight away
  • If you need to reschedule an appointment – it is possible if you notify Me a minimum of 24h prior to it. The deposit is non-refundable but can be transferred to a meeting in the future if you notify me a min of 24h prior to the appointment. If you need to reschedule more than once, you will be asked to pay a deposit again.
  • The deposit will be immediately refunded to you in full if I need to cancel our appointment from my side and you cannot or do not wish to set a new date.
  • I do not accept outfit ‘requests’. I am not a doll for you to dress. I take pride in my style in fetish fashion & if you like what you see in my pictures you will surely appreciate what I choose for our session. A polite way of communicating your interests is mentioning you are latex or boot fetishist. I craft the experiences individually to each submissive so you can be sure that as long as your interests are in line with my style I will honour them
  • I am selective with whom I play with and will readily refuse a request if it’s not to my liking. If you’d like to have the opportunity to session with Me, try to stand out & bring something interesting to the table
  • I always respect your limits & ask you to do the same. Do not ask Me to perform anything that is stated as my TABOO or HARD LIMIT. This is disrespectful towards Me but also yourself
  • When contacting Me provide Me with as much information about yourself, your interests & limits
  • As a Dominant, I am responsible for your health & well being during a session. Do not forget to mention any health limitations & hazards or past illness history that you might have. This is CRUCIAL for your safety


I am always open to meeting new people in the scene and creating interesting artistic projects. If you are: a fetish/latex/alternative model, Dom, submissive, photographer, make-up artist or designer and you are interested in collaborating with me, feel free to contact me via my CONTACT FORM.

If you are a Domme I will gladly speak with you about potential collaboration, guest visits at my Dungeon or collaborating on creating content together.


I’m currently being served by my longterm partner and other selected submissives. Among many others, I have a happily owned and collared slave girl Abby, who also attends events and travels with me frequently and a devoted web slave, who is based in Canada and manages a lot of my online business remotely. I’m also a happy Owner of a devoted slave in Germany who is currently being branded by Me by tattooing his body in tattoos I choose for him. I do, however accept applications from interesting slaves and submissives.

If you think you have what it takes to one day become Mine, send a polite inquiry via My  CONTACT FORM talking clearly about yourself & why you would make a good addition to My ever growing slave collection. If you’re ultimately looking to serve Me permanently, we will start off with an introductory meeting & if it is successful you will embark on a journey of being shaped into my devoted servant.