If you feel trapped in society that tells you on and on again that as a male you should be the one making decisions and giving out orders, you might have just found your ultimate destination. Constantly being responsible and having to be the boss can be both emotionally and physically depleting. You know that with all the hard work you’ve put into building your success you deserve to finally have that weight taken of your shoulders. And what better way to let go of it, than to hand that power away to a young, beautiful Alpha Female. You spent years building your own Empire, now it is time to release of expectations and let yourself live in line with your deepest desires – under the command of a powerful and alluring Female Boss.

My name is Melisande Sin and I am a proud member of the #SinSisters and founder of the Sin Sisters Dungeon. I am your new Boss, the Boss you’ve always dreamt of – young, edgy yet sophisticated & powerful. I’m well spoken, rather calm and collected – yet with a deeply sadistic nature. I’m not a Queen type – I’m a proactive go-getter who will invade your mind and take control over your body and soul.

I’ve always been “the Boss”, a natural born leader – in my relationships, friendships & professional work. By submitting your power to Me you put yourself in safe hands with years of experience in being bossy;) I enjoy showing directions and take great interest in my slaves’ well being, making sure I set a growth scheme for them to become the best versions of themselves. Your success is my success & my success is your success. Once you submit your power to Me, we are forever interlinked. I will keep your mind occupied with slave tasks to perform, that will not only keep your focus on Me but also help Me grow My Empire and help you grown as a human being.


Upon our first meeting, you will be captivated and intimidated by my extraordinary looks – standing at almost 6ft tall with the longest legs you’ve ever seen, my body adorned head to toe with tattoos, both intimidating & mesmerizing (a perfect canvas for you to worship). My natural, almost innocent facial features and beauty combined with my edgy yet sophisticated style in fetish fashion, bold & elegant at the same time will have you gasping for air within minutes. Last but not least, my feet, that are a treasure in itself – always perfectly looked after, worthy only of a true Goddess & a well trained, devoted foot slave. I’m a true Tattooed Foot Goddess.

I’m an experienced SM player with a taste for deeply psychological power exchange games. Among my most beloved practices you will find activities such as humiliation, sadism and strict bondage. I also enjoy breath play & mummification. Although I like to use corporal punishments (especially riding crop and single tail), my main power tools are sensory deprivationchastity, tease & denial. I’ve also been called “the best spanker I’ve ever met” on several occasions.

My guilty pleasures are foot fetish and anything latex, rubber. I’m a true fetishist. I also have a liking for nylons, boots (all kinds, tigh high boots, ankle boots, laced boots) and luxury footwear such as Louboutins.

I have a strong weakness for Bi-slaves. I love watching good boys enjoy my other good boys. There is nothing sexier than that for Me. If you’re itching to explore that side of yourself, open up to Me about it and put your deeply hidden fantasy in good hands at which it will finally become reality. I promise you, coerced-bi fantasy is more popular than you might think and there are plenty of boys within my army curious to play with you, too.

I am a true Dominatrix, for whom BDSM is both a passion and lifestyle. It satisfies Me in both my professional and private live. I am a talented young entrepreneur & Dungeon Owner. Apart from working internationally across locations such as London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Dubai I can also invite you to my own play-space in Poland, which is specifically set up for extended role play scenarios and other elaborate fantasies. This allows me to play in longer sessions, including ones over 24h long.



Intimate contact, nudity, nude body worship, scat, vomit, scripting scenarios, rudeness, anything that is unsafe or illegal


I am a naturally caring and nurturing person. I don’t expect you to blindly follow my orders and fall on your knees in the act of mindless submission. I aspire to gain your trust so you can feel your faith is safe in the hands of your new Boss. Respect has to be earned and this for Me, goes both ways. Unsparing and dominant by nature, I am equally able to talk and listen. Expanding horizons in understanding the psyche and human nature through constant experimentation and researching human motivations and the concept of leadership are my deep desires and ambitions. I am interested in differences resulting from gender, age, character and temperament.

It can be challenging to identify as a submissive male in our society. As someone with a Clinical Psychology background I truly understand how lost, misunderstood or simply overwhelmed you can feel. You’re struck with a lot of questions: is it just me? Is there Women who will find my attitude attractive? Why do I feel the way I feel? Are my desires & fetishes “normal”? Why do I have the need to…? I am here to help you redefine how you feel about yourself and how you perceive your role within society. Provide you with information or/and perspective that you might need to better understand yourself and grow into the direction of accepting who you are, cherishing what you have and having fun exploring your own unique personality and needs. My interests and education in the field of Clinical Psychology have given me a solid foundation for experimenting with the human psyche, pushing boundaries and constantly pursuing self-development, both my own and my slaves’.