I currently do not accept slaves for single sessions o na regular basis. I am focused on building my business, creating online content and training my regular slaves. I have reached a point where I need to be very selective, as time is the most valuable resource and I wish to filter who do I offer it to. I do sometimes still appear in tour locations of my choice, if I feel like having a bit of ‘fresh flesh’. Do not ask me about your locations. I’m focused on the locations that I already established and love and if I will ever be travelling to a new one I will announce it.


I no longer offer sessions or prison stays to slaves whom I don’t already know. There are plenty talented Dominatrices using my space and continuing with my Adult-Playground project successfully. You can read more about them and arrange a stay here: SINSISTERSDUNGEON.COM


Although I am already blessed with some great submissive servants who serve me on a longterm basis I am sometimes open to expanding my stable of loyal boys. If you think you have what it takes, send your application through. I must however warn you that I accept only the very best. We will need to be aligned in both kink and private interests and I need to find you a valuable addition to my harem. Look closely at sections talking about my kink personality and my private hobbies and decide whether we are aligned before applying. Our initial meeting will be in the form of a 1-2 day introduction including both session and social time in a place of my choice (travel destination, my dungeon). I strive to bring value into my slaves life. When applying tell me not only how you will enrich my life but also how you are hoping to grow and benefit from having me in your life. This to me is a sign of maturity and realistic approach. If you’re unable to answer that question – we are not a good match for a D/s arrangement.


I will occasionally accept invitations for longer sessions 24-72h at a suggested location, if it is to my liking. This is a great option if you are unable to travel to see me but also not mind the additional cost of flying me to you. These inquries are especially welcome if the location is new and exciting to me, or it includes visiting new BDSM venues and exploring them together. Bare in mind these will always include covering my full 24h+ fee and my flights + 5 star accommodation so only reach out if this fits your budget as it is not a small expense.



This is directed towards other Dominatrices and producers only! I am not looking for filming slaves. If you’re a Mistress or producer I’d love to collaborate with you, be it travelling to see you or hosting at my PlaySpace. Simply get in touch at