I know that in order to build trust and experience BDSM and D/s on an authentic level, two individuals must not only be compatible in their kink interests but also on a broader spectrum, as humans.

I am a person of many interests and a deep, never-ending desire to grow, develop myself and experience life to the fullest. I have created this section, so you as an aspiring sub – can get to know me better, as a person, not just as a Dominatrix. As much as your obedience and admiration is needed within your D/s role, I believe you should find me valuable as a human before you choose to fall into submission. Below you will find a list of my hobbies and interests, read carefully before you decide whether I’m interesting to you on a level that surpasses my role as your Mistress. I want to become your inspiration to live and grow, a mentor.


I am a very nomadic person, I have been actively travelling almost full time ever since reaching adulthood. I have visited many countries and I am always hungry for more. I feel natural „on the go”, be it a short weekend get-away or a few month long escapade. Being in one place is a bit dull to me; although I enjoy having my safe haven to go back to and currently wouldn’t like to be in a constant move I’m still very keen on adventure. My favorite places are Iceland, Japan, India, Australia. Places I haven’t visited but I’d like to: Iran, Hawaii, Azores.


I am a huge believer in keeping a healthy mind and body. I often go to yoga retreats and courses, and practice at home in the meantime. Although I sometimes find it hard to keep the discipline of daily practice in my busy travel schedule, I keep yoga close to my heart and trust it is the foundation for a healthy body and spirit. I practice in line with the Iyengar teachings, but I am also occasionally open myself to Yin yoga, ashtanga and other schools.

Fine Dining

I am a huge foodie. I love to taste new, exciting foods and as a natural consequence – I love visiting fine dining restaurants. A great plant-based tasting menu dinner definitely makes me happy. I love Japanese, French, Italian and Korean food (and all fusions). I’m not a huge fan of Thai or Mexican.


There is something magical about the atmosphere of small ski villages and towns high up in the mountains that I love. I mainly go to the Italian Alps, but I like to try new places too. I learned to ski at the age of three. At around nine I swapped to snowboarding but I can still do both. I love everything about the vibe of a nice ski resort and small mountain cabins and I am honestly a rather good snowboarder.

Horse riding

Horses are my lifelong passion. During my University times in London I was a horse riding instructor in Hyde Park! Currently I do not ride as often, but I still own three horses – two retired and one young stallion. I will never refuse to go for a ride!


I started sailing at the age of 12 and it has been with me ever since. I love the freedom in being in an open ocean and feeling the wind on my face. I am not a professional sailor, more of a cruiser I’d say but I still have enough knowledge and a license to skip a boat. I mainly sail in Greece or the Baltic Sea.


I am a huge data nerd, which took me on an unexpected journey into the world of finance and investing. I am someone who finds excel spreadsheets rather entertaining and likes learning about the stock market on a daily basis. I invest my money in real estate and stocks. Next time if you want to spoil me, consider investing in my stock portfolio instead of a new pair of shoes!


I derive immense satisfaction and happiness in life from constant growth. I find stagnation rather dull and depressing. I am a life long learner. Every month, I strive to take another online course, develop a skill in business or my private life.


Reading has always been a huge part of my life. Although I do not read nearly as much as I used to as a kid or teenager I still read roughly one book a week. Authors I love are Bulhakov, Huellbeck, Ursula Le Guinn, Hesse. I also read philosophers and scientific books (mainly psychology and neuroscience).

Healthy Eating & cooking

As already mentioned food has a special place in my life (which I believe should be true for everyone, its our fuel after all!), but I do not limit myself to visiting fancy restaurants. I eat a balanced, healthy diet and enjoy preparing food at home and inspiring others to make more healthy choices (if you stayed at my Dungeon before, you know!)


I speak fluent English, Polish and German and I am always curious to learn new words in other languages. I also studied French, Japanese, Spanish and Dutch, but I am on a very basic level in them.


I love to surround myself with beauty. My surroundings matter to me and I love to design both living and Dungeon spaces. I get to be creative within my business by refurbishing apartments that I invest in and my Dungeon but also designing SM furniture that you can order via my website.