Sin Sisters Dungeon is my Home and Play Space. We specialise in organising FemDom events and executing elaborate BDSM fantasies such as abduction fantasies, live-in servitude etc.

The Dungeon was born out of a genuine friendship between Melisande Sin and Maya Sin (The Sin Sisters) that goes back to our University days studying Clinical Psychology in London. Both Alpa Females who were very eager to expand their knowledge of the human psyche, we dreamed of creating a laboratory to carry out our very own experiments on the mind.

We traveled the world together and experienced the BDSM, Fetish and Kink scenes across the globe (Paris, London, New-York, Melbourne). Later on, I moved back to my native Poland and Mistress Maya followed Me to collaborate on creating House Of Sin, a place for you to experience the D/s relationship through authentic Femdom dates and dungeon experiences.

Our space also serves as a studio for the making of FemDom and fetish clips and photography. Our recent online exposure triggered a desire to respond to a global need for a large amount of people to delve deeper into their submissive side. As a result, we are currently expanding our online presence.


Our studio is located in an inconspicuous building, in a residential area on the outskirts of Gdańsk. It is easily accessible by car (15 min from the town centre and airport). The space was specifically developed for the purpose of becoming a BDSM dungeon and has been fully soundproofed. The property consists of an area of 110 sqm, divided into two main parts: Dungeon and Mistress Living Quarters. While the living quarters part is occupied by Mistress Maya and Lady Melisande, the Dungeon below our flat consists of  a main room, a medical room, a prison cell, and a bathroom. The studio was arranged into an elegantly decorated, cosy space, in the style of a Deluxe hotel room.

The studio consists of a fully equipped bathroom, bed, as well as a wide variety of furniture and equipment. We have at your disposal: a St. Andrew’s Cross, a bondage chair, stocks, a whipping bench, a crate, a F-machine and much more. The studio is also equipped with all the material and facilities needed for Shibari, imprisonment, isolation, medical play and electrostimulation.