Why female dominance?

Nature is female by default. You might wonder why that is, but it is undeniable that we all think of Nature as female hence we call it Mother Nature. Why is nature female? As Darwin stated, Nature is that which selects. It is strict but fair, selects the best genes by natural selection – survival of the fittest. Nature is also nurturing, caring and sometimes… cruel. In human beings the woman is one who selects; females have much less egg cells than males have sperm cells and therefore they are the picky ones. Women select. Women are an embodiment of a force that is at the very core of nature – natural selection.


Because of that women hold an unbelievably strong, evolutionary rooted power over men. A power that is invisible and not reflected in their physical strength. Most developed species form structures of hierarchy, so do humans. The position in the dominance hierarchy is of great importance to an individuals’ self-esteem and well-being. The fact that women are the decision makers in the process of natural selection in humans basically means that for a male it is more important than anything to be selected by the right woman. Money, career, material goods, social status – nothing is as important as the approval of a desired female, as it is tantamount with being selected by nature. It is a force much stronger, more primitive and therefore more overpowering than any of the superficial ones. It creates a much deeply engraved, evolutionary need. Correspondingly, being rejected by a woman is like being rejected by nature itself, being rejected by the Universe.


This is the main underlying reason why so many men are terrified of women. Women have the power to “verify”  their worth as humans, simply by being interested or disinterested in them. This does not exist in the opposite direction due to our biological formation and evolution. If a woman likes a man as a person but is not interested in him romantically it is basically as if the deeply rooted evolutionary brain was telling him “your genes are okay but let’s not pass them on to future generations”. There is no deeper rejection and feeling of failure than that. Because of this, men can be physically stronger than a woman but they will still fear her, as she has the power to ruin them with her thoughts and decisions alone.


All that being said, it comes as no surprise that some men naturally sense this inherent superiority women have over them and instead of shutting themselves down, cultivating the fear of rejection and therefore being more and more resentful towards the opposite sex and the World as a result, they embrace it. They feel the power in women that cannot be seen at first glance, but has always been present and is true in every female from as long as humans exist. The power that to other men is confusing and threatening, as superficially they believe to be the rulers of women. This power is only superficial and based on purely surface, material attributes, it leads them to the feeling of being lost, it does not come naturally to them as in fact they are not the force of nature. They are at the mercy of nature and so they are at the mercy of women.


Selected individuals, mostly ones that have enough intelligence and self-reflection will sooner or later come to the conclusion that they cannot rule women as this goes against the nature of their being. Hence they will offer themselves to women. This has nothing to do with weakness, in fact, it is a sign of deep thought and intelligence which are much better predicaments of general success in life in the XXI century than physical strength and aggressive behaviour.

Since the human hierarchy is primarily the hierarchy of dominance, by doing so they in fact put themselves on a more privileged/dominant position to dominant males who refuse to enter a pact with women, in which they are the ones who listen and follow. Which man do you want to become? The one who has the courage to face nature and submit to the power of women or the one who lives in denial and drives himself towards resentment in the attempt to prove his power over women? If this story sparked your attention, I encourage you to enter my website and discover the world of powerful females and the males who admire them and offer themselves in service…


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